Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure $30 
Pedicure $35 
Spa Mani & Pedi $65 
Deluxe Mani $40 
Deluxe Pedi $55 
Gel Pedicure $50 
Gel Manicure $45 


(10 under)
Kid Manicure $20 
Kid Pedicure $25 
Kid Gel Manicure $30 
Kid Gel Pedicure $40 
Kid Color Change Nails $10 
Kid Color Change Feet $10 

Nail Enhancements

Gel - X $65 +

(Include Gel Color)

Hybrid Gell Full Set $65 +

(Include Gel Color)

Hybrid Gell Fill $55 +

(Include Gel Color)

Acrylic Full Set $40 +
Acrylic Fill $35 +
Acrylic Fill $45 +

(Include Gel Color)

Acrylic Full Set $55 +

(Include Gel Color)

Liquid Gel Full Set $65 +
Liquid Gel Fill $55 +
White Tip Full Set $50 +

(Include Gel Top)

White Tip Fill $40 +

(Include Gel Top)

Pink & White Full Set $65 +

(Include Gel Top)

Back Fill Pink & White $55 +

(Include Gel Top)

Dip Powder $50 +
Dip Powder with Tip $60 +
Dip Pink & White $60 +
Polish Change Gel $35 +
Color Change Hand $15 +
Color Change Toe $20 +


Basic Pedicure $35 

A simple treatment that includes foot soaking with a pumice stone or foot file, nail clipping, nail shaping, foot massagen a nail polish.

Relax Pedicure $45 

Refresh and beautify your feet in a jiffy. Our relax service is designed to reshape the nails, clean up the cuticles, rehydrate your feet, callus treatment, and sugar scrub. Massage & finish with your choice of polish.

Basic Pedicure & Manicure $65 
Deluxe Pedicure $55 

Relax and enjoy as we give your feet the attention they truly need. Pamper them with this deluxe pedicure: receive a gentle exfoliation, callus treatment, minty mask wrapped in hot towel and stress relieving massage.

Fresh Cucumber Pedicure $65 

Fresh cucumber is great for dehydrated skin, it helps to moisturize and tighten tired feet, leaving t feeling moist and smooth. Enjoy the benefit of nature in the cucumber exfoliating. detoxifying masque. Let fresh. country scents carry you back to dewy mornings. Surrender your cares like child-like summertime's. All the hot stone therapy.

Green Tea Pedicure $65 

The most powerful antioxidant, fighting free radicals) Begin with green tea infused milk soak with Himalayan salt follow by a green tea sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin so it can absorb all the antioxidant and minerals possible. Callus treat helps soften callus feet with hot stone therapy


Jasmine Pedicure $65 

Helps skin's elasticity, fade marks and scars. Begin Basic pedicure with an addition of jasmine infused sea salt soak. Perform sugar scrub massaging & callus removal to maximize exfoliation. Rehydrate them with moisturizing masks, lotion and rich emollient cream. Leaving your skin and feet feeling lighter, silky and softer. All the hot stone therapy.

Lavender Pedicure $65 

(ORGANIC PEDICURE) A lavender mask moisturizes the skin leaving it with a silky smooth and nourished, feeling. It returns the limberness of your skin by replenishing the water content. It also helps remove dead skin cells, bacteria, and toxins from the skin. All the hot stone therapy.

Fresh Aloe Vera Pedicure $65 

This natural treatment is full of Vitamin E. Helps moisturize, revitalize, and naturally hydrate the skin. Aloe vera is known as an intensive, but gentle conditioner. A rich butter moisturizes and provides complete hydration, loving you feeling renewed and with softer silky smooth skin. All the hot stone therapy.

Charcoal Pedicure $65 

Main ingredient is Black charcoal derived from Mother Nature. The nature magnetic property of Black Charcoal attracts and eliminates dirt, oil, and odor causing bacteria from deep within the pores. Also, detoxifying and rejuvenating tired feet at the same time. 4-step product system is incorporated into spa pedicure with callus treatment. Step1: Black Charcoal Foot Soak, Step 2: Black Charcoal Purifying Scrub, Step 3: B.C Nourishing Mask, Step 4: B.C Emollient Crème massage. Indulge yourself in this ultimate pedicure experience. All the hot stone therapy.

Collagen Pedicure $75 

The collagen sock brings innovation to pedicure treatment. Each mask is preloaded with vitamin e and collagen-rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. It helps renew aging skin while detoxifying and soothing tired feet. Paraffin treatment and hot stone therapy included.

Chocolate Champagne Pedicure $75 

Treat yourself with the ultimate indulgence, Your feet are soaked in a warm chocolate aroma bath rich with antioxidants. All of the hot stone therapy pedicures included plus exfoliation with aromatic chocolate scrub and a paraffin treatment. It will leave you feeling like a star! All the hot stone therapy.

Jell-our Jelly Pedicure $75 

Jelli Pedi is a truly unique spa experience like no other. Jelli pedi turns water into a soft, translucent, gelatinous Jelly that will send a thousand sensations of luxury through your toes and soles with your choice of lavender or aloe vera. It will melt the stress and anxiety away while removing toxins and stimulates blood flow. All the hot stones therapy plus a gentle sugar scrub and paraffin treatment included for a complete spa experience! It is completely heavenly!

Volcano Pedicure $75 

Relax and rejuvenate with Volcano Spa, a new luxury Spa experience in a single use pedicure treatment. Detox Volcano crystals and activator combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion Perform Basic pedicure with callus removal and sugar scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Complete the treatment with collagen cream mask, and an extended massage with collagen lotion made with organic based ingredients, paraffin wax are also included. All the hot stone therany


A La Carte

Nail Repair $5 +
Nail Design $5 +
Buff & Shine $5 +
3D Design $15 +
French Polish Add On $5 +
Gel Top Coat Add On $5 +
Callus Eliminator Treatment $5 +
Paraffin Treatment $10 +
Acrylic/Gel Removal $10 +
Hand Polish Change $20 +
Feet Polish Change $20 +
Gel Polish Change $35 +
Gel Add On $15 +
Paraffin Add On $10 +
Cut down $5 +
Shapes Change $5 +


Back $60 
Brazilian $55 
Chin $15 
Chest $40 
Eyebrow $15 
Feet $10 
Full Legs $60 
Full Face $50 
Full Arms $50 
Fingers $10 
G String $35 
Hands $10 
Half Legs $45 
Half Arms $35 
Jaw Line $20 
Lip $10 
Side Burns $15 
Toes $10 
Under Arms $25 

Free Drinks

- Coke
- Diet Coke
- 7 Up
- Sprite
- Pepsi
- Orange
- Water
- Coffee
- Hot Tea